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{Dainty Living} Fall/Winter Cocktails Must-Haves

blog1One of our favorite things about seasons changing are the delicious beverages that come with them! While we styled our “Easy as (Mini) Pie” shoot for the current issue, our interns Mikena and Mariah whipped up some must-have drinks to add to your fall and winter checklist.

blog2London Fog

4 oz milk

2 tsp sugar

½ tsp Vanilla

¼ tsp lavender buds

1 earl grey tea bag

Boil your water for the tea. While you’re doing that go ahead and put the tea bag, sugar and vanilla in your tea cup. Pour 8 oz of hot water in the cup. Then add the Lavender in a tea ball strainer or just sprinkle it on top. Let it steep for 2 ½-3 minutes depending on how strong you want it.

While your waiting on the tea, froth your milk using the cappuccino attachment. What happens is awesomeness! Use it right away or it will not be as fluffy.

Remove all the lavender from the tea (it can be hard to do without the little tea ball strainer). Then pour a little milk froth on top and spoon the rest to make it all pretty.

blog4Classic Hot Chocolate

4 cups milk

1/3 cup granulated sugar

3 Tbsp. unsweetened cocoa

1/2 tsp. vanilla extract

Tiny pinch of salt

(Optional toppings: marshmallows and chocolate syrup)

In a medium saucepan, heat milk over medium heat until scalding (not boiling), stirring occasionally. Whisk in sugar, cocoa, vanilla extract and salt until combined.

Serve hot topped with marshmallows and chocolate syrup, if desired.

blog3Spiced Apple Sangria

1 bottle of white wine

2 cups of apple cider

1 bottle ginger beer

1 cup spiced rum

4 apples

1 cinnamon stick

Combined all ingredients, cut up chunks of apples and wait 30 minutes before serving.

{Images by Emily Swan Photography}

{Dainty Living} Maison Jars

Just because the temps are cooling doesn’t mean greenery has to disappear! Here are step-by-step images to help create your indoor herb garden in your home (or “maison” in French – see what we did there?), courtesy of The Design Center in Sioux Falls.

blogWhat you will need:

Plank of wood
Tape measure
3 mason jars
3 hose clamps
Drill and screw driver
2 Saw tooth picture hangers
Seeds/starter plants ( your favorite herbs)
A sunny place to hang it

blog1blog2Quick instructions:

You will want to start by nailing two saw tooth picture hangers to the top of the wall facing side of the board. Once secure, flip over and lay out mason jars. Using a tape measure and pencil, mark off were you want each jar. Use a drill or screw driver to secure each hose clamp with a screw. Fill the bottom of each mason jar with some small rocks then add soil and your favorite herb seeds/plants. Use screw driver to loosen clamp, slide jar in and tighten. Hang in a sunny place and enjoy!



Voila! See the finished product in our current issue of Dainty Obsessions.