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{Real Engagement} Nicklaus + Samantha

We are obsessed with these beautiful engagement photos captured by studio lb in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota! The bride chatted with us about their adorable fall session.

How did you prepare for your engagement session?                                                 

At first, I looked on Pinterest and other websites for engagement photo ideas but soon realized I was getting overwhelmed and was overthinking it all. Luckily, I had a great fiancé who was able to bring me back down to earth and put things into perspective, so we decided it’s best to just be ourselves and see what happens! I don’t think our engagement session could have turned out any better and our photographer captured our love and silliness perfectly!

DaintObsessions_StudioLBPhotography DaintObsessions_StudioLBPhotographyWhat process did you go through to pick out your outfits and why did you choose the certain pieces?                                                                                                       

We knew we wanted to be comfortable and casual for a walk in the woods and since I’m slightly obsessed with scarves (perfect for the chilly day), I chose sweaters that went with them and coordinating shirts for Nick.

DaintObsessions_StudioLBPhotography DaintObsessions_StudioLBPhotographyWhat was the day like for both of you?                                                                     

The day was fun and full of laughs pretty much like any other day for us, except with someone taking pictures the whole time! Our photographer was wonderful at just letting us be ourselves; walking around the woods and laughing and dancing like no one was watching.

DaintObsessions_StudioLBPhotography DaintObsessions_StudioLBPhotography

Any tips for those who are going to have their engagement session?              

 Have fun, don’t overthink it, be yourselves and just let your photographer capture the love!

DaintObsessions_StudioLBPhotography DaintObsessions_StudioLBPhotographyWhat is your theme/colors and where will your wedding be?                            

Simple with neutral colors to accent the fall trees at Custer State Park Game Lodge.

DaintObsessions_StudioLBPhotography DaintObsessions_StudioLBPhotographyWhat is your favorite part about each other?                                                

 Laughing. We make each other laugh every single day and it never gets old.

DaintObsessions_StudioLBPhotography DaintObsessions_StudioLBPhotographyWhat has helped with the planning process?                                                  

Research and time. We had a year long engagement and had plenty of time to pick what we really wanted. However, pretty early on, we decided that our “theme” was just to keep it simple and “us” so once that was decided, it all kind of fell together.

DaintObsessions_StudioLBPhotography DaintObsessions_StudioLBPhotographyWhat was the most exciting part about your wedding day?                                   

The most exciting part of our wedding was finally getting to say “I do” in front of our friends and family.

DaintObsessions_StudioLBPhotography DaintObsessions_StudioLBPhotography DaintObsessions_StudioLBPhotography DaintObsessions_StudioLBPhotography

For more information on studio lb, visit their website or email Laura at laura@studio-lb.com!

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