Dainty Obsessions

{DIY} Upside-Down Plants + Terrarium

Today we are explaining a couple DIY projects on how to incorporate plants into your wedding decor. Watch to see how you can create modern upside down planters as well as a homemade terrarium!

Modern Upside Down Planters:

Things you will need: vase, eye bolt, jute, foam squares, moss, plastic plants, glue, and scissors.

1.) Drill a hole on the bottom of your vase

2.) Screw an eye bolt into the hole and cement with glue. Let dry.

3.) Cut a foam square to fit the inside of vase. Stuff into vase, glue, and let dry.

4.) Place stems of plastic plants into the foam square.

5.) Glue moss over the top of foam square

6.) Attach jute/string to eye bolt hole and your planters are ready to hang.

Homemade Terrarium:

Things you will need: Glass jar/vase with lid, charcoal, planting soil, live plants.

1.) Find your choice glass vase and fill with charcoal approximately 1/3 deep.

2.) Add planting soil to the vase approximately 1/2 deep.

3.) Place your choice plant into the vase.

4.) Add water and place lid on top.