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{Styled Shoot} A Copper Rehearsal

After the wedding ceremony rehearsal it’s nice to kick back, raise a glass, and come together with friends and family before the big day finally happens. But who pays? How fancy is a rehearsal dinner? Wait…there are more invitations to worry about? We worked with the sweet and amazing Renee Halgerson of Hitch Studio to coordinate a copper-themed rehearsal dinner styled shoot, all while getting helpful tips to make your fete a success.

copper4Why do we have the rehearsal dinner to begin with? 

Rehearsal dinners are a nice way to gather together both families for a relaxed celebration after the wedding ceremony rehearsal. The intention for these dinners is to allow any family members or members of the wedding party who haven’t met to do so. It’s a great way for the couple to truly thank the bridal party and family for being a part of your special day. Plus, who doesn’t love a pre-party to the biggest day of their life?

How far out do you plan the rehearsal dinner, and how far out should you send invitations to guests?

You should send your rehearsal dinner invitations one to two months before the date, and you can begin planning it as early as you can (especially if you’re trying to book a busy restaurant or make reservations on a Friday night). Hitch Studio designed invitations for one couple where one side of the card was an invitation to the rehearsal dinner the evening before the wedding, and on the flip side was an invitation to the gift opening/brunch the morning after the wedding. They chose to send both invitations on one card to the same group of people. It saved postage and hassle.

copper11copper5copper19copper2What type of location should I choose for my rehearsal dinner? 

Choose a location that fits your style as a couple but is a bit more casual than your wedding venue and food selection so you don’t upstage your big day. A backyard barbecue for yard games and grilling? A high-end restaurant for seafood and a great wine selection? A place where you could offer some specialty or cultural foods? A lake house property for pontoon rides and beautiful scenery? Make sure the location fits your budget, the size of your group, and has a private room if you choose.

How fancy do couples need to get for the meal? Do you need to have dessert? 

The meal can carry a more comfortable and casual feeling compared to your wedding day meal. Guests will never be offended by offering desserts. Love is sweet, right? The rehearsal dinner is the perfect place for a family member to serve his/her famous cheesecake or grandma’s secret-recipe chocolate chip cookies. Everything can be a bit more personal.

copper15copper9coppercopper6Who should I invite? Do I need to invite my pastor and/or out of town guests? 

You should invite everyone in the wedding party and their significant others/spouses and children, as well as the parents of the flower girl and ring bearer. Beyond that, extend invitations to your pastor and any out of town guests who would be dining on their own otherwise. Don’t feel like you need to invite 50+ relatives, but if there a handful of families who would otherwise have no plans for dinner, consider inviting them to join in the fun.

Are speeches given at the rehearsal dinner? If so, by whom?

It’s a wonderful courtesy for the couple to thank everyone for attending. Each set of parents and grandparents also has the opportunity to give a nice speech if they wish. Again, the evening doesn’t have to be formal, but can carry a fun and heartfelt tone. This is also the perfect time for friends to share stories who may not otherwise get the opportunity at the actual wedding.

When is the right time to give gifts to the bridal party? Does anyone else receive gifts?

The rehearsal dinner is the perfect time to give gifts to the bridal party — mostly because it’s often gifts they’ll use the next day (jewelry, flasks…you know, the essentials). The couple can also give gifts to the parents and any step-parents, flower girls, ring bearers, personal attendants, and anyone else they wish.

What are some ideas for the cocktail situation? Can I have a cash bar only? 

We here in the Midwest have blurred this etiquette rule a bit, but generally, any hosted private party should be just that — a hosted bar as well. It’s perfectly acceptable to set a “hosted menu” of drink items that are fully covered (like beer, soda and wine) and leave other items (like liquor, shots and specialty wines) as a cash bar.

copper7copper17Vendor List:

Styling/Stationery/Necklace: Hitch Studio | Venue/Catering/Cake: Old Market Eatery + Bake Shoppe + Bar | Dress: Filly Flair | Groom’s Attire: Halberstadt’s Men’s Clothiers | Headpiece: BBT Style | Ring: Riddle’s Jewelry | Florals: The Flower Mill | Hair: B.beautiful Salon | Copper Mugs: Carrot Seed Kitchen | Models: Mikena Albers and Cole VanLiere | Photography: Elizabeth Lucille Photography 

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