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Real Wedding+ Nicklaus & Samantha

You might remember Nicklaus and Samantha’s adorable engagement photos from this summer. Well we just received their wedding photos from studio lb and they are stunning! Here’s a little bit more about their beautiful wedding at Custer State Park Game Lodge.

Tell us how you two met and a brief explanation on how you got engaged? 

We worked together while living in Arizona and he ‘wooed’ me. We eventually decided to move back to Nick’s hometown of Rapid City, SD.  Before we were even dating, he made a joke about how he would propose to his future wife (having no idea it would be me) on a ‘rock’ behind his parent’s property where he used to go hiking as a kid. Fast forward a few years, we decided to go on a hike up to a rock…I had a feeling he was going to propose that day, but for some reason convinced myself it wasn’t going to happen that exact day. I was wrong and he proposed on the top of the ‘rock’ overlooking the Black Hills, just like he had told me years before.DaintyObsessions_StudioLBPhotographyN+S 6****Tell us a detailed look inside your wedding day: 

I was surprisingly calm the whole day even though I woke up late and got to the salon a little later than I had planned. (My husband is always calm so I knew he would be enjoying his time with his friends while the girls got ready). Early on in the wedding planning process, we decided we wanted to keep everything simple but still ‘us’, so keeping that in mind really helped me stay calm throughout the wedding planning and the day of. Our wedding was simple, timeless but with our own touch, like having guests sign a vinyl record instead of a guest book. I know we enjoyed the laid back atmosphere of our wedding and I think our guests did also. We didn’t have a dance floor but did have great music, good food, plenty of drinks, a bonfire and great company. Couldn’t have asked for anything more!DaintyObsessions_StudioLBPhotographyDaintyObsessions_StudioLBPhotography

DaintyObsessions_StudioLBPhotographyWho helped you with your day and how did they help? 

My family and vendors were amazing help! I found ideas on Pinterest and other websites and my family helped come up with ways to make them happen. For example, my cousin (one and only bridesmaid) helped make all of the signs for the wedding the night before. And my mom and I found vintage doilies at antique stores months before the wedding. The vendors were great too, I just told them my ideas and they made them happen on the big day.

DaintyObsessions_StudioLBPhotographyN+S 1**DaintyObsessions_StudioLBPhotography

DaintyObsessions_StudioLBPhotographyDaintyObsessions_StudioLBPhotographyHow did you get help/support during stressful times during planning? 

My husband and family were great at bringing me back down to earth when I got overwhelmed and started overthinking things. I listened to them and everything just fell together when it needed to!DaintyObsessions_StudioLBPhotography


How long did you have to plan and how did that work for you with your daily schedule? 

Our engagement was over a year long so I had a lot of time to research ideas. We knew we wanted an outdoor wedding and Nick grew up in the southern hills so the State Game Lodge was the perfect fit for what we pictured. Once we booked the venue and photographer, the rest was just fun details that came together after meeting with other vendors.DaintyObsessions_StudioLBPhotographyDaintyObsessions_StudioLBPhotography


DaintyObsessions_StudioLBPhotographyDaintyObsessions_StudioLBPhotographyDaintyObsessions_StudioLBPhotographyWhat would you never change looking back on the day and why? 

We would never change our ‘whatever happens will happen’ mentality of the day. There are some things you can’t control and you just have to go with it. Let the stresses go, be yourselves and enjoy the day!DaintyObsessions_StudioLBPhotography DaintyObsessions_StudioLBPhotographyDaintyObsessions_StudioLBPhotographyWhat was your favorite moment of the day and why? 

Of course my favorite moment of the day was finally saying, ‘I do’ to my husband! Runner up would have to be when my mom and brother walked me down the aisle. While guests were getting seated for the ceremony, Nick and our good friend/ officiant were cracking jokes to keep everyone laughing and entertained. Meanwhile, I was about to walk down the aisle *not aware of the comedy session going on* and was laughing and almost crying at the same time out of sheer excitement and just loved having my mom and brother to laugh with me too. One of my absolute favorite photos from the day is the three of us with huge grins, about to walk down the aisle.
DaintyObsessions_StudioLBPhotographyDaintyObsessions_StudioLBPhotographyDaintyObsessions_StudioLBPhotographyWhat was some of the important music you chose and why did you choose that music? 

Nick and I compiled our own playlist of music we love and that our guests would enjoy too. Every song selected meant something to us at some point in our relationship, from Jackson Browne to Great Lake Swimmers to Bruce Springsteen to Pearl Jam’s version of ‘Love, Reign O’er Me’.DaintyObsessions_StudioLBPhotography

DaintyObsessions_StudioLBPhotography DaintyObsessions_StudioLBPhotographyDaintyObsessions_StudioLBPhotography DaintyObsessions_StudioLBPhotographyDaintyObsessions_StudioLBPhotography

Venue: Custer State Park Game Lodge // Photography: studio lb // Wedding Dress: Audra’s Bridal // Groom’s Suit: Michaels Men’s Wear // Flowers: Jenny’s Floral // Invitations: Confetti Creative Co. 

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