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{Real Engagement} Jayni + Luke

With lots of laughter, the perfect lighting, and springtime in the air, Jayni and Luke’s engagement pictures in Dubuque, Iowa captured everything they had in mind. “We had a great time. Neither of us had ever done anything like this – all of the kissing and ‘almost kissing’ for the camera made us laugh.”

The couple prepared themselves for their engagement with the help of Lindsay Herbst Photography, and they planned out everything in detail. In light of the shoot, the bride-to-be shares their experience and gives some helpful tips for anyone preparing for a shoot.

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How did you prepare for your engagement session?

I went onto Pinterest/Facebook and picked out some of my favorite poses/setups that I saw from other couples’ photos. Lucky for me, I am friends with my photographer so I could send her photos of the poses that I wanted to do beforehand.

We are also members of a fitness club called Farrell’s Extreme Body Shaping, so we continued to go to those workouts as much as possible.

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What process did you go through to pick out your outfits and why did you choose the certain pieces?

Normally, Luke and I are major TJ Maxx fans – I love hunting for clothing and finding a great bargain. However, for our engagement photos we said that we will shop wherever we want and not look at price tags or hunt for sales.

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“When I tried to decide what type of outfit to wear, I decided that I wanted to wear something that was feminine, subtle, and stylish. My real goal was to have an outfit that my future daughter (hopefully I will have one someday) would look at and think, ‘My mom was stylish,” just as I have when looking back at my mother’s old photos.”

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View More: http://lindsayherbstphotography.pass.us/jayniluke“We had perfect weather and got to the location just at the right time to catch the sunset in the background.”

blogmay2blogmay3View More: http://lindsayherbstphotography.pass.us/jayniluke
View More: http://lindsayherbstphotography.pass.us/jayniluke

What has helped with the wedding planning process?

  • My mother has done a lot of the arrangements and planning so far.
  • I have an ongoing to-do list that I manage.
  • I have a pretty good idea of what I want, so I have been Googling my thoughts and can usually find a photo of how I want something decorated/laid out.

What are you most excited for on your wedding day?

I am most excited for the moment after we go through the whirlwind of getting ready and preparing and then preparing some more… when Luke and I get to see each other before the wedding for the first time. We will get that one moment alone together.

View More: http://lindsayherbstphotography.pass.us/jayniluke View More: http://lindsayherbstphotography.pass.us/jaynilukeTips for those who are going to have their engagement session:

  • It is fun to take impromptu photos or candid photos, but remember to take some where you are smiling at the camera as well – our photographer reminded us of this.
  • If you can afford it, get something to wear that you really love and are excited to have on.
  • Search for poses that you want to have beforehand – although, our photographer had us in many great poses, some of my favorite photos are the poses that we had suggested going into the process.
View More: http://lindsayherbstphotography.pass.us/jaynilukeView More: http://lindsayherbstphotography.pass.us/jayniluke

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