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Real Engagement+ Ali & Kade

We always get excited when we have a submission from Michael Liedtke Photography when he works in the Black Hills. This adorable engagement session with Ali and Kade did not disappoint, with lots of laughs and walks around the gorgeous parks (and we also love a canoe ride). Ali gave us insight on their two-day shoot.

From Ali…

How did you prepare for your engagement session?

We traveled across the state for our session, so we tried to lay our outfits out ahead of time, and made sure we had everything ready to go the day before. We made sure we blocked off enough time to have a fun, relaxing day, and made sure we didn’t feel rushed!

Beforehand, we had communicated with the photographer to discuss a meeting place, time, and driving options. We also let him know what we were wearing and communicated the “vibe” we were going for.

What process did you go through to pick out your outfits and why did you choose the certain pieces?

The rule we tried to follow was two outfits per session. Since we had two nights, we brought four outfits. You want to spend your time together during the shoot, not letting the sun set while you are putting on your third outfit. A way to reduce time is for guys to have an undershirt they are happy with and a button up or flanel that they like. The time it takes to slip on a shirt is minimal. Ladies: try to find outfits that will go with one to two pairs of shoes. Comfortable shoes. Also, I kept the same hairstyle both nights, because I didn’t want to waste our evening lighting doing my hair.

When it came to outfits, we decided on outfits that were going to reflect who we are, and augment the setting we did the shoots at. Both of us are from rural country backgrounds, so we tried to stick to what made us feel like “us.” For example, we wore jeans and white shirts with boots for one evening, and I later changed into a dress that I could wear with my same boots. I didn’t want a lot of hassle when we were taking pictures – I wanted to be able to move around and walk comfortably when needed.

What was the day like for both of you?

The first night we were both excited, and Kade was a little nervous. I grew up with a lot of pictures being taken in my family, so I couldn’t wait to have fun. He had stated before our pictures that he wasn’t sure if he would look natural in front of the camera, holding someone’s hand, having those serious and funny moments, etc. We ended up just trying to have a natural conversation during our pictures – Michael is good enough that he will catch all those amazing moments in between the words. After a few minutes, we were completely comfortable.

Any tips for those who are going to have their engagement session?

Try your outfits on. Sometimes things don’t fit the way you think they will. Wear your shoes ahead of time. Bring hairspray, your hair will fall flat easily if it is anything like mine! Make that day a really positive day, from the time the sun rises – you will only get to do this once, and you can have a blast if you do this right. It is much easier to take happy pictures if you are in a happy mood!

What is your favorite part about each other?

Kade makes me laugh. Incredibly. When he isn’t making me laugh, he is filling me up with knowledge, positivity, and energy. He is such an optimistic person, and it is contagious. We are both in school and working right now, so we can often feel busy and stressed. But we have decided to enjoy our time with each other and still enjoy the little things in life, because life goes by too fast to not do this! He is empathetic, witty, a little nerdy, and humorous… these are my favorite things.

Kade: Ali is, in her words, “hilarious!” After being with her for over five years, I can confirm that she is hilarious. Her cheerful spirit elevates everyone around her. She is not only smart in the traditional sense, but she is witty and sharp! She loves life and has a warm and welcoming heart. She stole mine on day one.






Dainty Extra+ Pinnacle Production’s Magic Mirror Booth

Pinnacle Productions has it all: Master of Ceremonies, modern DJs, ambiance rentals and installation, detailed planning, flow creation, and more. Among all of these options are their top-of-the-line photo booths, including their newest addition – the Magic Mirror Photo Booth. We chatted with co-owner Chris Hintz about the “magical” wedding option.

Tell us about the Magic Mirror Booth. How did you find out about it?

We have several friends in the national DJ scene. We share ideas, marketing strategies, and act as a collective to discuss options that would better suit our clients. We talk about several things, like music theory, training and finding talent, and our photo booths are no exception. One of our good friends in New Mexico shared his video of the booth with us, and we wanted it right away. It’s completely customizable from the splash screen to the animations to the printed copies. It’s an absolute differentiation than the normal photo booths – very upscale and much more of an “experience” for our clients and their guests.

Why a mirror?

Vanity? Well kinda kidding, but not really. Selfies have been around for a while, and the mirror is the ultimate selfie “station.” What you see in the mirror is what is printed, or delivered digitally as well, to your guests. Think, “Mirror, mirror, on the wall…”

Are photo booths still popular at weddings? Why do you think they are or aren’t?

Absolutely! Entertainment and fun mean different things to different people. Not everyone wants to dance, but everyone wants to be entertained. When we go to a wedding, we make sure we’re dressed for the occasion. It’s fun to dress up and be with people you love. This is another great way to document it! However, the traditional “sit-in” photo booths are relics of the past. Why take a photo with part of your crew when you can take one with your whole crew?

What kind of games etc. can you interact with it in the mirror?

There are cool and unique elements that are added all the time. For now, there is a way to play Tic-Tac-Toe, a screaming contest, and a couple new things yet to be released. We’re excited by the innovative nature and modern appeal of not only the housing, but the interface with the guests, as well.

How can you customize the experience? 

Everything about it is fresh and new. For several clients, we’re doing a red-velvet rope and the “Red Carpet Experience.” This can be used with or without props or backdrops as well.

You can also draw directly on the mirror with your finger. The drawings are a fun, unique way to customize the guest experience, and being able to sign the creation means that these photos can be used as a guest book, too.

How many copies can people get?

Up to five per session, which honestly is fine. Girls love the printed copies. Guys tend to put them in their pockets and find them two weeks later in various forms of disfigurement after they wash and dry their pants.

What other exciting things are you working on?

From the photo booth side of our business, we’re constantly looking for an edge to differentiate our booths, our training methods, and hiring the right people (which is the most important part). We’re in the people business. Photo booths are just another way to please people and create a fun experience for these milestone moments.

Our video side has taken off incredibly. We have one of the most talented dudes in Sioux Falls. If you haven’t seen Jeff Zoss’s work, you should. He’s a vital piece to what we’re doing at Pinnacle, and we’re excited to see what’s next in the media department.

We’ve opened conversations to partner with an amazing local studio in photography as well. We’re not sure what’s the scope of the partnership, but we’re always looking for ways to make an impact in the event industry, and provide exceptional talent as well.

We’re working on becoming better leaders in the national and local scene. Partnering with exceptional brands and causes has allowed us to extend our brand to both the East and West Coasts, working with major celebs and sporting icons as well.  We’re really loving what we do and the different clients and markets we serve.

To say things have been exciting would be an understatement.

How does the Magic Mirror Photo Booth go with Pinnacle’s brand?

It’s elegant, upscale, and refined – a perfect trifecta of what we want to be in all aspects of our business.

Photography by PINStudios