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Real Wedding + Britni & Matt

Britni and Matt were unexpectedly brought together at the University of Minnesota when they both applied to be Resident Assistants. After a year and a half of building a great friendship, they admitted to each other it had always been more than that. Soon after the proposal, the couple decided to get married at Britni’s family lake house, because they wanted their venue to be meaningful, which also happens to be where their ‘official’ relationship began.

From the bride…

My favorite part of the day was towards the end, when our bridal party took the pontoon boat out on the lake at sunset. It was totally spontaneous and ended up being a major highlight of the day all around. 


Photography: Ethan DegreeGlasser Images // Health + Beauty: Artisan Hair Studio by Jaimee Schaff & Limelight by Alcone – Tina Wing // Bridal Boutique: A&Be Bridal Shop, Amazing Alterations, & Evermore Wedding Gown Care // Bride’s Necklace: Minimalvs // Bride’s Earrings: Jennifer Casady // Bride’s Bracelet: Swarovski // Wedding Bands: Continental Diamond // Bride’s Shoes: DSW // Bridesmaids Dresses: Free People // Bridesmaids Hand Chains: A La Pop Jewelry // Bridesmaids Necklaces: Olizz Jewelry // Groomsmen Shirt + Slacks: Macy’s // Hotel + Lodging: The Lodge on Lake Detroit // Retail + Rentals: Area Lakes Party Rental // Catering: The Roadhouse Bar & Grill // Cakes + Desserts: Gigi’s Cupcakes // Floral: Hornbacher’s Floral & American Meadows // Flower Girl Dress: Etsy

Real Engagement + Taylor & John

With the help of friends, family, and their dog Mitt, Taylor Nelson and John Mitzel are planning their dream Minnesota wedding while exploring the streets of Boston. Good luck not falling in love all over again when you see this engagement session shot by Kelly Birch Photography.

How did you prepare for your engagement session?
We didn’t do all too much to prepare – we are a little awkward in from to the camera, so thankfully Kelly helped us break out of our shells and we were able to do some test shots beforehand. The only extra thing was treating myself to a blowout at the DryBar in Harvard Square! I highly recommend all future brides do this. It gives that extra boost of confidence and mind stuck through the windy day.

What process did you go through to pick out your outfits and why did you choose the certain pieces?
John and I are both very classic and traditional people, but I also like to be a little bit unique and try things that make us stand out. The red dress has always been a favorite of mine and since we were headed to Acorn Street, which is known for it’s flag, we figured that was a perfect fit! We are also both very interested in politics, so John insisted on wearing his navy suit to stick with the red, white, and blue. The pink midi skirt with black top was a look I was really excited about. I wanted to do something simple and classy, that also twirled! It was perfect for how romantic the Boston Public Gardens are.

What was the day like for both of you?
Taylor: It was a blast! I was so excited for our pictures, but I also get really nervous/awkward in front of the camera. John usually hates taking photos, so I was surprised to see just how into it he was. He was actually the one making me loosen up a bit.
John: A lot of fun! Kelly did a great job of making it feel really natural.

Any tips for those who are going to have their engagement session?
Taylor: Maybe have a drink or two beforehand… and be yourself! Try to get to know your photographer a little beforehand so that you can be comfortable and in the moment with one another.

John: Trust the photographer’s expertise and be open to his or her ideas.

What is your theme/colors and where will your wedding be?
Our theme is minimalist and romantic. The colors are neutral whites/creams, gold, and touches of dusty blue with lots of greenery. It will be at John P. Furber Farm in Cottage Grove.

What has helped with the planning process?
We hired Annie with A Vintage Touch which has been a lifesaver. Ferber is beautiful, but it’s also huge, so having her to decorate and guide our ideas has been great. We are also planning form Boston, so my mom has been so helpful with exploring vendors and going to some meetings in our place.

What are you most excited for in regards to your wedding day?
Taylor: I am most excited for the moment after we have been announced husband and wife at the church! I will definitely be emotional and nervous in the morning leading up to it, so finally being married will be such a wonderful moment.

John: Seeing Taylor walk down the aisle, about to be my wife.

What is your favorite part about each other?
Taylor: His unwavering confidence in me. Sometimes I need a little push to believe in myself and not be so worries. He keeps me in the present moment.

John: Being able to be ourselves around one another. She’s my absolute best friend.