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DO Extra+ 2017 Engagement & Wedding Jewelry Trends

Preparing to get engaged or married is a journey. Doing your homework, researching things like the 4 C’s, browsing Pinterest and the like are just the beginning, so it’s nice to have a trusted resource to guide you in the right direction. As the engagement destination for more than 100 years, Borsheims knows a thing or two to help you get to “I Do.” Below we take a look at his and her engagement and wedding trends in 2017.

Gemstone Accents

One of the hottest trends in engagement rings is selecting gemstone accents such as sapphires to set off your center diamond. With the popularity of halo rings and peek-a-boo accents, many designers are playing with color and allowing couples to have a unique look. Incorporating different milestones in the couple’s lives becomes easy when selecting birthstones and stones representing an anniversary month.

Platinum Bands

Platinum wedding bands are still a top option for men’s wedding rings. One of the strongest metals, it can stand up to almost anything and isn’t fazed by everyday wear and tear.  A classic look that is great for a variety of lifestyle needs such as construction and medical occupations, platinum is also a safer bet than some of the new metal types available. Grooms can choose a variety of finishes, patterns and dome styles as well.

Ethically Sourced Diamonds

Consumers today are more conscious about the sourcing of the products they are buying, especially when thinking about investments such as diamonds. As such, they are gravitating towards jewelers like Borsheims, who have made a commitment to always source diamonds and gemstones in an ethical manner, many times going above and beyond to give back through these investments. Collections like Kalahari Dream are helping to build a well in the southern Africa region and support female polishers. Diamonds from the Borsheims Signature Collection are mined exclusively in Canada, ensuring the wearer can trace their diamond’s journey.

Ring Stacks

This year, stacked rings are back with a twist. Many couples are opting to get multiple wedding bands that vary in metal color, style and stone selection. Simpler engagement ring styles work well here, like a classic solitaire, while allowing the couple to constantly personalize. Additional bands can be added on big occasions like anniversaries, significant promotions, births and more.  

Engagement Watches

A trend that has gained traction this year is the concept of an engagement watch. Traditionally, brides have opted to purchase their groom a nicer watch to be worn on the big day. This represents a token of their love as well as appreciation for the engagement ring and wedding bands the bride gets. Now, however, a fiancé might opt to purchase a nicer watch for the groom to wear during the engagement, as a symbol of their upcoming nuptials. This is an attractive option as there are so many ways to customize a watch, from engraving, metals and band styles.

A perfect time to figure out which trends work for you is Borsheims’ upcoming Semi-Annual YES! Event, October 20 and 21. Visit their flagship store in Omaha to browse thousands of on-trend engagement and wedding rings from top designers, explore financing options and check out watches for him! Learn more at borsheims.com/yesevent.

[Written by Ashley Turner.]

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