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{Dainty Extras} Pinterest Tips from Jordan Edens Photography

Pinterest can almost consume couples when they’re planning their day. Staring at pins long enough can make it confusing as to what your true style is. Jordan of Jordan Edens Photography gives tips on how to utilize the popular social media tool for your wedding photos.

From Jordan… 

Let’s talk about Pinterest! I have a major love for the inspiration that can be found on Pinterest. As a photographer, the work that I see pushes me to do new and creative things, and work harder to deliver the best possible images for my clients. And for my clients, Pinterest is a way for them to see a variety of options and maybe solidify a type of shoot that they couldn’t full express to me. Here are a few tips for using Pinterest to help (not hurt) your photo session.


1. Inspire yourself with the creative work photographers all around the world are doing.

2. Find photos that you like the vibe and feeling of – figure out what draws you to certain images and share that with your photographer. One of my absolute favorite family sessions from last year was based entirely around a single photo that the mom had found on Pinterest. We figured out that the sunset lighting was what the mom wanted to emulate and we went from there.

3. Don’t expect to completely replicate the poses that you see on Pinterest, not every pose works for every person or every body type.

4. Props – is it something that is near and dear to you? If you answered yes, great bring it along. If you said no, it’s just something I saw on Pinterest, skip it.

Happy Pinning!

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