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{Dainty Extra} A Rosey Pair: Janea + Jenn

Jenn Rosen and Janea Mitcheltree have been friends since they were early teenagers and instantly connected with their creativity and love for event planning. For almost five years now, the pair have been inseparable and have been busy working with couples as Rosetree Weddings & Events in Minneapolis to create the most gorgeous, personal affairs all while keeping budget in mind. We chatted with the duo on how they came together, what a day is like in their office, what keeps them motivated, and more…

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How did you two meet?

Janea: We met at church (Jenn’s parents were the pastors) when we were in our early teens. We quickly found that we had much in common, like singing, and a bond grew.

Tell us what inspired the two of you to start a business together?

Jenn: Later on in our teens, we began coordinating weddings and events at church together and we knew that we worked really well together and just got the other person. We put together a business plan and just didn’t know where to go from there. We allowed life, marriage, children, careers take over, but the dream never died. In 2012, I called Janea, explained some current happenings at my job and thought this was the time to start the planning company. Janea looked through her old files and found the business plan they had once put together and began dreaming again…never looking back.

How did you come up with the name Rosetree?

Janea: We really wanted our name to be a combination of both partners, though everything we were coming up with just didn’t resound with us. We decided to take the weekend apart and see what we could come up with on our own, then bringing our ideas to each other on Monday. When we spoke, we both had Rose(Rosen)tree(Mitchletree), a combination of our last names, on our top 3 list. We knew it had was the right name for our company and even chuckled about how it perfectly fit us.

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What’s your favorite thing about the other person?

Janea: There are many things I find I love about Jenn, but my favorite would be her gentle voice. I believe she could tame a lion just by speaking to it. Her love of people is evident when she speaks with them and there is a security in that she truly cares for those she comes into contact with that comes out in her voice.

Jenn: Janea is my best friend and sister that I never had. How can I pick one favorite thing about her!? I guess the first thing that pops into my mind is her loyalty as a friend, as a business partner, as a wife and as a mother. She has always been there for me and I never have to question if she will be there in the future. If a person can love unconditionally that would be her! She amazes me every day!

Tell us how the two of you work so well together?

Jenn: We are each other’s ying to the yang. We balance each other with one more the dreamer and the other more a realist.

What does a typical day in your office look like?

Jenn: We’ve been told on numerous occasions that we can be pretty hilarious to watch. We are usually singing (harmonizing to each other’s voice) and dancing, laughing, sometimes crying, list making and prioritizing. Some days have more admin work for our events or managing our rosebuds, and others are filled with client and vendor meetings or fun social gatherings! On occasion, you can find our rosebud mascot, Mila Joy (the sweetest cocker spaniel), cuddled up on Janea’s lap or snuggled between our feet.

What’s your favorite office snack?

Jenn: We love food! So, salty, savory, sweet and some sour are always welcome! Dark chocolate-covered almonds are our ‘healthy’ choice that can be found on hand almost always…

Tell us what keeps the both of you going throughout your days?

Jenn: Food + coffee + singing. Our passion for Rosetree and providing for our families.

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Can you tell us of any struggles you’ve faced running your own business?

Janea: There were definitely more struggles in the beginning of our career.

  1. Finding the right support team, like a web designer and developer.
  2. When we were first starting out we knew we wanted to be debt-free company, so anything we wanted to do design wise had to wait until we had the funds to do it. We had to be patient, and that is hard being creatives.
  3. Also finding the correct contractors and employees to help support your dreams and get alongside your vision of your company (which happens to be our baby). It takes a good amount of trust.

What’s your favorite song to dance off some steam to?

Jenn: We both just love music so anything that has a good beat we can pretty much groove too!

Outside of work, what are some things you like to do?

Janea: I like to spend time with my husband and son and my three fur babies! We like to be outside whenever possible. You will find me camping, gardening, riding our motorcycle with my hubs, and the list goes one from there.

Jenn: I like to spend time with my husband and five kids! I just had a baby, so snuggling with a two month old is pretty much the best past time. I also like to be outside and spend time with friends. My husband is a foodie, so we love to find the new and best around town when we have time.


What are some of your future goals for the company?

Jenn: Well, a few of them we will have to keep a secret and you will have to watch us to find out, but here a few that we can share with you today:

  1. Continue to strive for excellence in the wedding planner and coordination field here in Minnesota.
  2. Continue to grow in the number of events we do yearly, which would result in hiring more awesome rosebuds to help in this growth.
  3. We would like to do more corporate events in the future as well.

For more info on Rosetree Weddings & Events visit their website or call (612) 345-4325.

(Rosetree Weddings & Events images by Elizabeth Lucille Photography. Other credits include Geneoh Photography and Rachel Marie Photographie.)

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