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{Dainty Extra} How to Get Guests to Stay!


Wedding celebrations happen almost every single weekend, and the one thing every couple states in consultations is, “We want to have a great wedding!” Well, that’s great… but not all weddings are truly great. Some of your guests are going to leave before you want them to. Why? Because they had no reason to stay.

Did you want them to leave before the dancing begin? Of course not! Yet week after week, wedding after wedding, you see the exodus somewhere between the cake cutting and the first dances.

How do you keep your guests having a great time and NOT leaving? Here’s some very simple tips to make sure your wedding is the “best wedding reception ever” from Chris Hintz of Pinnacle Productions:

1) Make people feel comfortable. Your guests made a conscious decision to attempt to spend this day in honor of you. Give them a welcoming atmosphere by having at least two hosts or hostesses to give direction to your guests. Where’s the gift table? Cash bar or open bar? Seating assignments? Where do the cards go?

2) Set the mood. Whether it be beautiful up-lighting or stunning centerpieces, give your friends and family something that makes them say “Ooh” or “Ahh.” Soft music that keeps peoples toes tapping and heads bobbing is much better than no music, or music that’s too loud.

3) Show them who you are. Customizing your wedding doesn’t begin and end with invites or place settings.Themes can be customized to the love birds different loves for football, hometowns, or college affiliations (for example). Do be creative and think of ways to avoid the status quo.

4) Build anticipation. Your wedding is much like a theatrical production. You and your spouse are the star attractions and the whole reason we’re all gathered on this day. Introductions should be fun and exciting and allows the audience the opportunity to surprise you and your bridal party with laughter, cheers, and – of course – applause.

5) Keep Things Moving! Flow (or lack thereof) is probably the single biggest issue most weddings face. If things are happening seamlessly, people aren’t left to their devices. Yes I know I said devices. We all have a 2 x 3′ screen that is begging for attention. Don’t let them want to look at their phones.

6) Show them something new. There are many ways that this can be done to the benefit of your guests and to your reception. Explain why the cake cutting is important, have a true Master of Ceremonies (Definition Someone who is skilled and knowledgeable about the ceremonial aspect of the celebration and masterful in the execution of said ceremonies) give purpose and meaning to parts that have been ignored – or worse – become shtick.

7) Build up respect for those toasting. You choose your maid of honor and best man purposely. Why? Let the audience know! Just a couple sentences praising your friend, brother, or cousin can get the room to quiet down, building respect for the person about to speak and quell the natural feeling of fear in public speaking.

8) Let them get to know you. Shoe games and first dance introductions should be meaningful. They should tell a story, YOUR love story! What sounds better? “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the bride and groom for their special dance” OR “Tonight, on the anniversary of their first date at a Halloween party, sharing what will be the first of many dances together, join me in welcoming Mr. and Mrs. Jason and Lori Johnson”?

9) Let them dance! Some weddings have so many little things that people get bored and annoyed. Dollar dances, garter auctions, bouquet tosses all have risks. They can run too long and people get bored. Give an inebriated groomsman a microphone and watch in horror when he says something ill advised or with foul language.Traditions are just that. But you don’t need every one!

10) Don’t beg for money! A personal pet peeve of mine! Your guests have given a large chunk of their time and money to make it to your reception. They’ve most likely brought a gift or a card with a check to help you on your new journey. Don’t expect them to go broke by subsidizing your honeymoon. You got married because you can’t imagine your life without them, right? OR did you get married for another paycheck?

In short, your wedding day is supposed to be fun! Working with bridal professionals who have a vested interest in seeing your day go smoothly and beautifully means happy brides and grooms, and referrals for us for years to come.

If you invest in the things that make you happy, in the end you will have had the dream wedding you’ve always hoped for!

Chris Hintz is the founder and president of Pinnacle Productions of Sioux Falls, SD. You can reach him at chris@pinnacleprodj.com or call (605) 376.5716.

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