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Dainty Extra+ A Look into Acowsay Cinema

Every wedding is beautiful in its own unique way, so why not cherish every moment for years to come with cinematography? Meet Acowsay Cinema, a talented unique group that takes pride in capturing those personal snippets in our lives.

What does Acowsay Cinema specialize in?

Jenny Olson: Acowsay cinema tells stories about people. We strive to create amazing films that are more than just great images, but are a collection of moments and memories that our clients will be able to cherish forever.Nylonsaddle_Photography_9*How has it grown as a business?

JO: The business formed in 2014 as a wedding cinematography company but has since expanded to tell stories for a wide variety of clients. Filming with so many different clients and in such unique environments has allowed us creative opportunities and freedoms to truly express ourselves as artists and build films we are extremely proud of.DaintyObsessions_AcowsayCinema

What is your favorite part about the job?

JO: My favorite part of the job are the people I get to work with. We work with some pretty amazing people in our industry. Meeting and collaborating with other creatives only helps to spark and inspire new ideas. It’s so fun to be able to do that for a living.

Does Acowsay do a lot of traveling?

JO: Mostly within the Midwest with a few trips to Colorado and Texas, but we are always looking for opportunities to travel more…Traveling opens the door for new and fresh inspiration. We are a young and adventurous crew and are always ready to explore more of this world…and capture it on film, of course!Gerick + Brothers_Engle_Videography_4*

Danny + Travel*

Tell me a little bit about the branding you do.

JO: I manage the creative direction for Acowsay. That means keeping our brand consistent through our social media channels, design work and marketing materials. We are a transparent company. We are who we are and we aren’t trying to be someone or something else. As a team, we are outgoing individuals who are funny, sarcastic, charitable, adventurous and creative. We love to support local companies and we all enjoy good food and great beer. As the creative manager I try and portray the real us, the real Acowsay, through our brand.Nylonsaddle_Photography_7*

Tell me about yourself.

JO: As a creative person, I firmly believe in doing what you love. I also believe that if you’re able, you should try to do those things every day – and if you’re lucky get paid to do those things. I must be really lucky, because I am doing what I love and doing it with the favorite person. My fiancé, Gerick and I met over two years ago and have worked pretty much side by side ever since.
View More: http://nylonsaddlephotography.pass.us/jenny-and-gerick-are-engagedEngle_Videography_2*

We love a solid game of Settlers of Catan and scouring the neighborhood for a new and delicious brewery. I am a total foodie and wish I had enough funds to try every amazing place the Twin Cities has to offer. When weather permits, you can usually find us at some type of cabin, lake, or campground enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

We are currently knee deep in wedding planning and trying to squeeze in our next trip to anywhere and everywhere.Gerick + Jenny_Dillinger_Studios*View More: http://nylonsaddlephotography.pass.us/jenny-and-gerick-are-engaged

Who is all on the Acowsay team?

JO: Our team consists of one motley crew. Our fearless leader, Tyler, is our Creative Director, handler of all things and drinker of whiskey; he runs this ship.Tyler_Headshot_Nylonsaddle_Photography_6*

Danny is our Account Manager and king of clients. His charm and charisma are matched only by his genuineness.Nylonsaddle_Photography_4*

Danny + Susie* Danny + Skydiving*

Alec, the newest member to our team is our Creative Assistant. He’s basically a walking smile doused with eagerness to learn, grow and help out anyway he can.Alec 4*

Alec 1* Alec 3*

Last but certainly not least is Gerick, our Director of Photography and my partner in crime. Gerick pretty much has a camera glued to his hand at all times. If he could afford it he would craft a throne of lens’, tripods, and camera bodies to rule his Seven Kingdoms upon. Again, one motley crew.Gerick + Puerto Rico_Engle_Videography_5*

Gerick + Brogan_Engle_Videography_3*

What do they all like to do outside of Acowsay?

JO: This is the easiest question yet, drink good beer. Our greatest ideas come when we visit our local breweries

Where are your favorite places to dine out at?

JO: While glued to his editing desk, Tyler would easily answer Jimmy Johns. But if we get past his obsession with fast delivery service, you could find us either down the street at Indeed Brewery or up the street from our Northeast studio at Rusty Taco. And you cannot beat the food and brew at Surly Brewery…are you seeing a theme here?

Tell me a little about your studio.

JO: Our studio is located in the Q.Arma Building in the Northeast neighborhood and we love the location. We have created our own personal collaborative haven at Studio 230. We share the space with three phenomenal photographers, Nicole Feest of NYLONSADDLE, Josh Olson and Sydnee Bickett. The entire neighborhood is lined with other makers and doers of the Minneapolis area. It is perfection.Nylonsaddle_Photography_8*

Where did the company name come from? 

JO: The brainchild behind Acowsay’s name came from Tyler’s college days and a friend’s bar in Madison, WI. He would cover up a tap at the bar with a napkin that read “Cowsay” so that patrons would ask, “What’s a ‘Cowsay’?” His friend would smirk and reply, “Duh, moo!”

A dad joke for sure, but what started as a joke became Tyler’s baby and has grown into a company that celebrates originality and tells the stories of some amazing people.

Anything else fun you would like to add?

JO: Although we are a smaller company we are growing quickly and excited to see what our future holds. Each of our teammates has a special skill and trait that they bring to the table. Acowsay celebrates that individuality and welcomes fresh and original ideas to help us continue to do what we love, make art.Nylonsaddle_Photography_10*

For more about Acowsay Cinema, visit their website or call (612) 244-3597.

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