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What once used to be an item on the back burner is now taking priority on your wedding to-do list; invitations! Your wedding invitation is the sneak peek into the big day, and reminds people that you want them to help you celebrate, while giving them incentive to participate. Though simple to make, wedding invitations can be tricky if you forget these nine important things. You don’t want to make these stationery Faux Pas!
Basic Invite Dainty Obsessions

1. An RSVP slip: You are going to need to know who’s coming without calling every single person the week before the ceremony. You’ll want those RSVP slips sent back ASAP! Including an envelope with the return address and a stamp may be a nice reminder to send those back in!

2. Including a wedding website link: Nowadays it’s considered a bit tacky if you include where you’re registered, so don’t forget to include your wedding website link that will have a registry tab. If you forget, you could end up with five blenders, three sets of sheets, and 200 picture frames. Before you know it, your new home will look like an art project

3. Your second aunt twice removed: Yes, remember her, but more so don’t forget to include the family and friends that you wanted to invite. Make sure to go through with your partner to determine who all you want to share in your special day together, and who would probably just enjoy the pictures afterwards

4. Tip – Less is more: There is no need to have doves flying out of the box when your guest opens their invitation to your wedding. Besides, it shouts – “look how fancy and impressive my invitations are, my wedding is going to be more extravagant than a royal’s wedding; get me the most glamorous gift ever.” It’s intimidating. 

Basic Invite Dainty Obsessions

5. In-house or hire out: Keep in mind, you can either design your own invitations, hire someone to do it for you, or use online tools like Basic Invite to create an invitation that will impress the family without breaking the budget.

6. A map to the venue: The common traveler can easily be lost, even in the place that they call home. So especially if you have lots of guests from out of town, or a destination wedding, make sure to include a map to the ceremony and reception, and make sure to include this ahead of time so that your guests can arrange their travel plans. 

7. Planning ahead: Forgetting to send out your save the dates and invitations can set the wrong tone for your wedding months before it begins. Be extra careful to have the cards themselves and the addresses prepared so that your favorite friends and family know exactly when to arrive and where to go.

8. Matchy-Matchy: This may be more of a type A personality bit, but making sure that the fonts in your save the dates, wedding invitations, and day of text match will make your wedding seamless from start to finish. Along with this, having the tone and colors in all of these elements will be to your benefit. 

9. Spell Check: And above all else, make sure that you spell check. The last thing you want is to misspell the venue, or even worse, accidentally spell your new last name wrong. Have a friend or you future spouse do you a favor by looking over your text. Reading the words from the end to the beginning will help you easily catch typos.

Basic Invite Dainty Obsessions


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